Purchasing Used Organs

  Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Schlicker 1972/Peebles-Herzog, Inc. 2015
   Sometimes, contracting for a new organ can be beyond the means of a congregation. In these cases, we recommend investigating the potentials of purchasing a used instrument.Peebles-Herzog works closely with the Organ Clearing House, www.organclearinghouse.com to locate and secure a suitable instrument for churches in such situations. These instruments come from locations where a congregation has closed, moved, or merged with another congregation, or the organ has to vacate in preparation for a new organ’s arrival. The organ is removed and transported to the Peebles-Herzog shop, where any refurbishing, modifications, and additions can be made in the proper setting. When the space in the church is ready to receive the organ, installation by Peebles-Herzog craftsmen is performed, culminating in careful tonal finishing by staff musicians.Many churches in the past have provided members to volunteer their time in different stages of the project. This not only helps reduce the cost of the project, but also gives those members a unique ownership of the instrument.  


. St Christopher Parish
2008 II/26
St Mary Magdalene