The highest quality materials and craftsmanship at reasonable rates.

Ensuring that memories live into the future.

Proper maintenance assures longer life at the peak of performance.


 pipes-keys-buttons At Peebles-Herzog we realize that each customer comes to us with needs and goals that are unique. Our mission is to provide the customer with a high quality product, using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship at reasonable rates, to meet their specific requirements. Our goal is customer satisfaction.


. Lord of Life Lutheran Church
1975 Casavant II/14
  Peebles-Herzog provides qualified service teams to maintain and tune over 280 organs in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. A variety of service programs, tailored to meet the musical needs of the individual customer, are available. Service includes tuning, with an emphasis on tuning every pipe in the organ, as well as inspection and adjustment of mechanical components. Many times, the pipe organ is most valuable piece of equipment housed in the building.  
North Broadway UMC
Sanctuary Organ – Casavant 1972 III/46
North Broadway UMC
Chapel Organ – Peebles-Herzog 1998 II/7



Shop Work

  Proper maintenance assures longer life at the peak of performance. Service crews report to our operations manager any repairs that are outside the scope of normal service calls, who in turn contacts the customer with details of the needed repairs as well as repair options, thus keeping the customer up to date on the condition of their instrument.  


Rebuilding & Additions

. St Margaret of Cortona
2008 Peebles-Herzog, Inc./Blanchard II/16
  Peebles-Herzog can rebuild and/or add to an existing organ where appropriate. Staff designers and musicians evaluate the existing instrument in view of the musical needs of the customer. If rebuilding is feasible, Peebles-Herzog has the expertise to refurbish existing instruments built by various manufacturers. An instrument rebuilt with the finest materials to like-new condition will provide many additional decades of trouble-free service. Using only the highest quality components, Peebles-Herzog can make additions to complement existing instruments while maintaining tonal and mechanical integrity.  
Covenant Presbyterian Church
1964/2004 M.P. Moller/Peebles-Herzog, Inc. III/48

Purchasing Used Organs

  Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Schlicker 1972/Peebles-Herzog, Inc. 2015
   Sometimes, contracting for a new organ can be beyond the means of a congregation. In these cases, we recommend investigating the potentials of purchasing a used instrument.Peebles-Herzog works closely with the Organ Clearing House, to locate and secure a suitable instrument for churches in such situations. These instruments come from locations where a congregation has closed, moved, or merged with another congregation, or the organ has to vacate in preparation for a new organ’s arrival. The organ is removed and transported to the Peebles-Herzog shop, where any refurbishing, modifications, and additions can be made in the proper setting. When the space in the church is ready to receive the organ, installation by Peebles-Herzog craftsmen is performed, culminating in careful tonal finishing by staff musicians.Many churches in the past have provided members to volunteer their time in different stages of the project. This not only helps reduce the cost of the project, but also gives those members a unique ownership of the instrument.  


. St Christopher Parish
2008 II/26
St Mary Magdalene

Volunteer Program

. Volunteer Program   At Peebles-Hrezog we offer a unique money saving program.  Using volunteer assistance we can reduce the overall cost  of your project.

This process also demonstrates to the members how intricate the organ is and how it produces sound.

Most importantly the congregation becomes a friend of the organ so that interest in the instrument continues to the future.


About Us

. Peebles-Herzog Sam Peebles and Mike Herzog started in the organ business as a partnership in 1974. The business was incorporated in 1976, and in 1981 Sam and Mike purchased the assets of the A. W. Brandt Company, a local organ building and maintenance firm, which was dissolving. The business continues to grow and today, with regular maintenance contracts numbering nearly 280 covering 5 states, it employs 10 people. A wide variety of skills and fields of expertise represented among such a small number of employees enables us to provide custom solutions to pipe organ problems that may not be available with larger builders. The building that formerly housed the Trinity Assembly of God Church, and subsequently the A. W. Brandt Company, now serves as the home of Peebles-Herzog, Inc. A paved lot on the opposite side of the street provides ample parking for both employees and visitors. The size of our shop in conjunction with its convenient location in the historic Franklinton area of Columbus (just 1/4 mile east of I-70 and West Broad Street) permits us to accomplish projects of any size while keeping our overhead costs low.


  We look forward to hearing from you.  

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